Maja Kristin Nylander
+46 73 623 85 52

Ateljé 705
413 14 Göteborg


Maja Kristin Nylander (1979) is an visual artist and photographer based in Göteborg. She works with series of images that are based on personal experiences of presence and absence. They are to be seen as an autobiographical formative work where Nylander explores the esthetics of missing and loss. Through fragmentary fictions Nylander examines the relations between the mythological and the secular, between collective and private memory.

Her images are carefully staged and arranged. Memories, symbols and bodies are working together in associative sceneries where inner and outer worlds are crossed. Recurrent motives are poetic landscapes with filmic still figures that seem to be waiting for someone or something, figures that seek or avoid the observer’s gaze, in an interaction between photographer, model and observer. Caring and carrying are central themes in Nylander’s work.

Nylander has been awarded several grants and exhibits continuously in art galleries and museums.

She also works with portraits in exhibitions, books and magazines, often concerning minorities. She is the photographer behind the awarded We Are Romas and The Silent Inheritage. She is the picture editor of film magazine FLM and is a recurrent contributor in several newspapers and magazines.